Nurturing Talents
Written by Azwin Azman - Content

We draw on the capabilities of 10,000 committed individuals across Malaysia, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Germany and the USA, and strive to nurture our diverse talent pool to ensure they reach their full potential.

Talent Recruitment and Attraction

We hire well-rounded talents and provide opportunities for these future leaders to flourish and contribute positively within the Group.

Learning and Development

As a learning organization, Top Glove strives to create a culture of continuous learning and development. Our motto, Must Know, Must Do and Must Teach is embedded into every component of the company’s operations.

Our employees receive on-the-job coaching and training, and are engaged in professional class room development. This is to ensure they are equipped with competencies needed for their present job as well as future advancement.

Besides the conventional learning approach, our training platform includes online management and self-development online book reading, breakfast talks and educational & inspirational movie screenings on Saturdays. Our 2014 training calendar comprised 152 sessions, focusing on key areas of Soft Skills, Technical Skills, Internal Quality Audits, Safety and Health and Risk Management.

In 2015, a series of new programs was also initiated. The Good to Great Program [G2G] series for example has new and current employees coming together to learn from each other through fun activities to promote good team work, to meet the common objective and goals of the Company. Upskilling programs for The Sharing is Caring series caters for young technical employees enabling them to learn best practices that are key to achieving our business aspirations. Sharing sessions by subject matter experts from other well-managed companies are also regularly organised as benchmarking initiatives.

Performance Management and Reward

Top Glove adopts a system of meritocracy where KPI’s are set with a view to promoting ownership and accountability, and performance is well-rewarded. Our compensation structure which incorporates both fixed and variable elements, as well as short and long term components (basic salary, benefits, incentives and an Employee Share Option Scheme) also gives us a competitive edge in the market. The development opportunities available within the company also serve to attract and retain talent.

Healthy Staff Programmes

Top Glove champions a healthy lifestyle and is committed to creating a culture of good health among our employees.

A total of 10 health talks by our resident nutritionists and external healthcare specialists were conducted in 2014 on topics such as the prevention of coronary heart disease and diabetes, as well as the importance of a healthy diet. In 2015, the Company introduced additional programs aimed at enhancing employee health and well-being, such as Top Glove’s Biggest Weight Loser which employees offered cash rewards for healthy weight loss.

Our efforts to ensure a healthy workforce also include quarterly measurement employees Body Mass Index (BMI) and twice-weekly free Yoga classes conducted on Company premises. Health counselling is also available to all employees.

Promoting Diversity

We recognise that organisational success turns on the ability to embrace and realise the benefits of diversity in the workplace. Top Glove is privileged to draw on the talents of a 10,000-strong workforce that is well-represented in terms of age and gender.

As at September 2015, 54.9% of the total workforce in the Company comprised women, while 23% of senior management positions were held by women. 45% of the Engineering Department workforce within the Company were also female.

Top Glove has also taken its commitment to diversity to the Board level and in line with the government guideline, fulfills the requirement for a 30% female representation in the Board by 2016.

A summary of the gender and age mix of our total workforce [excluding workers] is set out below:

Gender [data compiled as of September 2015]
Total Staff
Top management
Senior management
Total number of female engineers

[data compiled as of September 2015]
Employee Diversity and Skills
Total headcount (All Malaysia)
Employees under the age of 30
Employees between the age of 30 and 50
Employees above the age of 50

Human Rights

Top Glove is dedicated in supporting internationally recognised rights in respect of human rights in areas of its production and operations, complying with the Group’s Social Compliance Initiatives, in line with the relevant legal regulations and requirements. The Group has adopted the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Code of Conduct since 1st September 2015.

Top Glove recognises the inherent dignity of all the individuals and supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations adopted under the Group’s Social Compliance Initiatives.

Under the Group’s policy of Human Rights & Ethical Conduct, the Group does not employ child labour under any circumstances. All employees must meet the minimum age requirements set by local laws. This is made sure through the verification of each individual’s age through his/her personal documents before engaging into employment. Employees under the age of 18 must not be employed in departments that deals directly with hazardous chemicals and must comply with all applicable local laws requirement.

Top Glove acknowledges the operational risks posed by any non-compliances with regards to its human resources and labour issues, hence, monthly reviews are in place by the HR Department to assess and mitigate the risks by which will be subsequently addressed in the Risk Working Committee Meeting (“RMC”) held quarterly.

Top Glove is highly committed in its Social Compliance Initiatives and engages with its business partners to ensure the same compliances are met. In severe cases of non-conformity, the Group shall take the appropriate action(s).

Top Glove is a formal member of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) that advocates on the continuous development and information dissemination of Malaysia’s manpower requirements and updates for the manufacturing sector.

Labour Standards

Under the Group’s policy of Human Rights & Ethical Conduct, employees have the freedom of association and rights to collective bargaining in accordance with local laws. The Group allows a workers’ representative to access to workers in the workplace and does not discriminate members of any trade union as they are given equal opportunities as other employees.

In line with the Group’s commitment to conduct business in an ethical and socially responsible manner while simultaneously improving the environment and uplifting the socio economic condition of its employees, the Group has adopted the Principles of Business Social Compliance set out by the Foreign Trade Association and is further guided by social compliance standards.

Top Glove ensures that Employment Contracts are provided in the languages understandable by the employees before engaging them into employment. Notices and memos relevant to labour work standards are also translated into relevant languages where applicable.

Top Glove and its business partners are guided by the following principles during operations as stated in its Social Compliance Initiatives:
1) No child labour
2) No forced labour
3) Freedom of Association and Rights to Collective Bargaining
4) Working hours complying with national legislations including overtime and one rest day a week
5) Minimum wage standard with wages equal to or exceeding legal minimum wage requirement

Employees of Top Glove are encouraged to enhance their knowledge and individual skills for the continuous improvement and contribution towards their work effectiveness, efficiencies and interpersonal skills, hence, a minimum of 32 hours of training per employee are allocated for them per annum.