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We recognise that our business activities can impact communities and are mindful of our duty to uphold responsible practices. Central to our business decisions is the creation of a better, more sustainable future and concerted efforts are carried out to conserve, restore and replace the natural resources expended in our daily operations.

Establishing an Environmental Policy

Top Glove is committed to the preservation of our environment, the measures for which are articulated in our Environmental Policy here.

Environmental Management System

All our factories are in the process of being ISO 14001 certified to ensure a robust Environmental Management System is in place.

Identifying Alternative Fuel, Energy and Resources

Minimising the depletion of non-renewable resources remains a foremost priority. Accordingly:

  • 40% of our factories are powered by biomass, a renewable source of energy
  • Heat exchangers are employed to recover heat from hot waste water and hot air emission, thereby reducing heat energy consumption
  • More advanced energy efficient systems are implemented at new factories
  • At least 50% of the gloves produced are natural rubber gloves, the main component for which is a renewable, naturally biodegradable and environmentally-friendly resource


As transportation is a major contributor to climate change, all 17 Klang factories are strategically located within 500 meters of each other, substantially minimising fuel consumption and enabling more efficient inter-factory transportation. Video-conferencing facilities are also available for all multi-location meetings thereby reducing the need to commute for staff located outstation.

Water Efficiency

Water is essential to the glove production process and we are particularly concerned about conserving this important resource. To ensure an uninterrupted supply of water, consumption is minimised by adopting the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) System, while On-Site Detention (OSD) tanks and rain harvesting tanks with a combined capacity of 2,500M3 have been installed at factories.

Waste Segregation and Recycling

All solid waste is segregated into scrap metal, paper, plastic, wood pallets, containers and other recyclables for recycling and reuse with minimum solid wastes disposed to landfills.

Environmental Facilities and Improvements

We have allocated up to RM2 million per factory, for environmental facilities such as Industrial Effluent Treatment Systems, scrubbers and dust collectors.

Climate Change

At Top Glove, we are devoted to mitigate climate change at the surrounding areas of our factories to ensure optimum climate condition. All matters relating to climate change, whether contributed directly or indirectly as a result from the company’s production and operation activities will be addressed in the Risk Working Committee Meeting (“RMC”) held quarterly.

Energy efficiency improvement projects to reduce energy consumption are currently in place across the Group’s factories. This optimisation of energy consumption has not only reduced harmful emissions but has also helped to save on production and operating costs in the long run. The RMC is responsible in overseeing and managing the climate change risks.

Other Initiatives

We are gradually replacing all old air conditioners and refrigerators with 5-Star Energy Rated machines to enhance energy efficiency.

Retrofit fluorescent lamps are being substituted with LED lamps, while inverters for energy saving and newer energy-efficient pumps are also being installed.

Our newly constructed corporate office, Top Glove Tower is a Grade A and Green Building Index (GBI) certified Gold office building, featuring high performance glazing, an efficient chiller plant system design and LED lights for optimum energy and water efficiency.